Radio Broadcast Schedule

Bill Bennett 2x2

Bill Bennet

Dennis Prager 2x2






Dennis Prager

Janet Mefferd 2x2






Janet Mefferd




Michael Medved 2x2







Michael Medved

Ron Seggi

Mike Gallagher 2x2






Mike Gallagher

Hugh Hewitt 2x2






Hugh Hewitt

M-F America Tonight 12:00AM -03:00AM
M-F The Golden Age of Radio 03:00AM -04:00AM
M-F Bill Bennett 05:00AM -08:00AM
M-F Breakfast Club with Doc Parker 06:00AM - 08:00AM
M-F Janet Mefferd Show 08:00AM -11:00AM
M-F Dennis Prager Show 11:00AM -02:00PM
M-F Dead Doctors Don't Lie with Dr. Joel Wallach 02:00PM -03:00PM
M-F Michael Medved Show 03:00PM -05:00PM
M-F Hugh Hewitt Show 05:00PM -08:00PM
M-F Mike Gallagher Show 08:00PM -11:00PM
M-F America Tonight 11:00PM -03:00AM
Sat Best of Gallagher 12:00AM -02:00AM
Sat Best of Prager 02:00AM -05:00AM
Sat Best of Medved 05:00AM -08:00AM
Sat Janet Mefferd Show 08:00AM -09:00AM
Sat WORLD Live 09:00AM -11:00PM

Best of Mefferd

12:00PM -02:00PM
Sat America's Roundtable 02:00PM -04:00PM
Sat Hometalk Live 04:00PM -06:00PM
Sat The Ron Seggi Show 06:00PM -08:00PM

Mike Gallagher Show

08:00PM -12:00PM
Sun Best of Gallagher 12:00AM -02:00AM
Sun Best of Prager 02:00AM -05:00AM
Sun Best of Medved 05:00AM -08:00AM
Sun Outdoors Live 08:00AM -08:30AM
Sun In Search of the Lord's Way 08:30AM -09:00AM
Sun Maple Avenue Baptist Church 09:00AM -10:00AM
Sun The Ron Seggi Show 10:00AM -12:00PM
Sun The Jim Sumpter Show 12:00PM -02:00PM
Sun Point Of View Weekend Edition 02:00PM -04:00PM
Sun Alex Jones 04:00PM -06:00PM
Sun HousePi 06:00PM -07:00PM
Sun Golden Age Of Radio 07:00PM -09:00PM
Sun Detective 09:00PM -12:00PM

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