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Sin is to feel a secret pride in success, training or appearance.


Sin is to feel an important independent spirit.


Sin is to feel bitter over what someone else has told you about the success of another.


Sin is a harsh, sarcastic, unyielding spirit; a touchy bitter, sensitive spirit. A desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex; to say and do things to attract attention to self.


Sin is a constant complaining and a desire to quit trying to do right.


Sin is unnatural or abusive acts to self or others.


Sin is a deceitful spirit that seeks to create false impressions; to pick flaws and criticize when set aside unnoticed.


Sin is lustful and wandering eyes; a shrinking from duty and reproach; a tendency to retaliate when crossed; permitting things in yourself that you would not permit in others in your idea of a concentrated Christian.


Sin is a shallow, stingy uncleanness in thought or desire; a joker or jester; vain or light in manner of conversation or life; unwilling to put out for others unless personal advantage is involved; partiality to certain people, class or denominations; always thinking of what might have been if things had not happened the way they did.


Sin is being unthankful and unappreciative of your lot in life, and constant fear of failure, and taking an unmerciful attitude toward those who do fail; or taking an inferior attitude toward those of wealth or position.


Sin is putting on a false or exaggerated humility, imagining how others are praising you or speaking well of you.


Sin is straining at the truth, and showing an "I don't care" attitude toward being caught in sin, or shirking responsibilities.


Sin is the feelings of nervousness you get when you see someone doing something you think you could do better.


                                                 SUCESSFUL LIFE

Luke 9:23 "...If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me."

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