Does what sown determine what is reaped?

Will “Impeachable” Gov. Robert Bentley, “Zipper problem” Clinton and “Delusional” Obama and “Swamp drainer” Trump reap in the sunlight?

The sword of man "devours one as well as another"; but the sword of God falls on the head of the offender.

Things must be made manifest; the stream may flow for a time underground, but sooner or later it will break out. We may go on for years in a course of secret evil, in the cultivation of some unholy principle, in the indulgence of some unholy lust, in the gratification of some unholy temper or feeling, but the smoldering flame must ultimately break forth, and show us the real character of our actings. This is a truly solemnizing reflection.

We cannot hide things from God, nor cause Him to think that our wrong ways are all right. We may try to reason ourselves into such a thought; we may persuade our hearts by plausible arguments that such and such things are right, good, or lawful; but

"God is not mocked: whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

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