Earth and Heaven are not the same. They are spelled differently. Who said they were different? God. In Genesis 1:1 states they are different. Never are they to be combined. Revelation 21:1 states them different even when new. They can never be mixed or blended. Earth and heaven are different. Who can dispute the God who segregates them?

   In Alabama there are two different foreclosure processes, non-judicial and judicial. They are different. Non-judicial is private matter where there is consent only, no dispute from start to finish.

 Judicial foreclosure is a state action devoted to the satisfaction of due process. The debtor must be given notice and opportunity to be heard. The absence of one hundred percent consent from the two private parties makes the judicial necessary.

     A trial by jury of peers alone can determine the facts that demand a course of action, even the deprivation of property.

     The most valuable earthly property that any man can ever own is his signature, the representation of his consent given freely. When one steals a signature and uses it for his own purposes, then he is a thief and that use of signature is called forgery.

     The law is clear about the distinction between the two foreclosure procedures. “However, even where self-help (non-judicial) repossession is valid under applicable due process standards, when state law enforcement personnel are present in the course of what began as a self-help repossession, the proceeding becomes state action and the debtor must be given notice and opportunity to be heard or there is a deprivation of constitutional rights.”

     Many people are deprived of their constitutional rights under the color of law and by those who are ignorant of the law, and are self-righteousness. See Romans 10:3.

     Only Satan uses instruments of coercion to keep you under bondage. Redemption is free for the asking.

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