The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended. US Constitution Article 1 Section 9.

The official who is the respondent must prove his authority to do or not do something. Failing this, the court must decide for the petitioner, who may be any person, not just an interested party. This differs from a motion in a civil process in which the movant must have standing, and bears the burden of proof.

Wells Fargo is the perfect example of the corrosive nature that describes the financial industry, the bankers. Wells Fargo’s written policy is to “not disburse original documents”. SCOTUS has declared a banking transaction to be private, not public. When courts are called upon, courts can only enforce the contract. Wells Fargo resists the private contract by moving the contract from one that is private to one that is public or property owned by everyone.

Since the original instrument of the contract has not been filed into public record, it is not subject to law that demands its surrender if full payment is made. See 18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

To satisfy habeas corpus demands to that authority to act must be identified, the banking industry has resorted to the use of counterfeits to replace originals to gain legitimacy. First it was “rob signing” that eventually resulted in a $25 billion penalty and a promise to cease such activity. Then workshops were established to provide foreclosure attorneys with a manual on how to deceive the court by saying that the original was in a case collateral file sent to the attorney. Now attorney statements are used to satisfy Habeas Corpus even since courts have determined an unsworn statement by a barred attorney is not competent evidence. Exposure of wrongdoing on the part of Wells Fargo is rare. The State of California has declared Wells Fargo to be a “Criminal Enterprise” and has ceased all business with the state and WF.

Street protests are not effective. Universal stoppage of the use of Wells Fargo and the other five major banks will be the first step in the erosion of private property. Today 46% of the nation’s assets are in the hands of the few. In 2007 the 46% was then only 9%.

Maybe the stoppage has already begun. See the article below:

Wells Fargo will close more than 400 of its branches by the end of 2018, the latest apparent fallout from the bank's fake account scandal.

The locations of the branches set for closure were not announced; Wells Fargo operates 138 banks in Alabama.

The closures were included in fourth quarter financial statements released last week. The statements showed the number of checking accounts opened at the bank in December fell 30 percent from the same period of time the previous year, after falling 44 percent in November. Applications for Wells Fargo credit cards have also dropped precipitously, falling 43 percent from December 2015 to December 2016.

The banking giant said the closures will take place nationwide.

The financial disclosures are the first reported since bank employees were caught opening millions of fake accounts in an effort to meet sales quotas. The bank recently announced it was eliminating bonuses and sales goals for retail bankers at its branches, incentives it said drove the account scandal.

Another victim of “illegal plunder” by Wells Fargo are court judges who lose their judicial immunity because of their favorable judgments to Wells Fargo, done without habeas corpus demands of record authority.

The real problem is that Wells Fargo acts as a loan originator then sells the instrument and then functions as only the loan servicer. Another problem is that the instrument is “money changed” into a counterfeit and sold as a part of many mortgages in bundles of Mortgage Backed Securities.

Plus, WF purchases an insurance policy and collects on a claim when a borrower defaults. An average of 5 times is the amount of profit Wells Fargo make for every foreclosure, even on the clear majority that are “wrongful” because of the “righteous” posture of WF. Employees of WF have declared in court that they testify only as WF representatives and not as human beings.

Assignment of mortgages are to be promptly recorded in the public record for deeds. The banking industry created a method to avoid this requirement of law saving nearly $4 billion in filing fees.

All of this happened after a Bill Clinton sponsored repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act. Now vanilla banks can also serve as Investment Banker, that is, the banks can legally gamble with their depositor’s money.

In the past banks, would have you believe that entering a bank building was like unto the entrance into a church. Not so today, the public is beginning to have their truthful voices heard. Death by the number reduction of the customer’s lists is death by natural causes. A customer should be free to select the product he purchases per the value he places on it. As for me a thief’s product has zero value.

Why is it important for WF to switch to a public venue? Public is under municipal control, which can be controlled by Wells Fargo because of its vast financial means. Also, the customer is unwittingly made a banker, an insurance agent, and a transporter in the commercial stream. Why? He is fully “informed” and is declared one who knows his actions and is alone responsible for the consequences. Unfortunately for Wells Fargo a writ of habeas corpus requires the presentation of the certificate that makes the customer one who can now act with the authority of an “expert”. We must stop the election of uninformed judges or give elected judges proper training so that the private citizen can enjoy that freemen can freely dispose of their own property. Peonage prohibition must be enforced. Would that Sheriffs were not made peons themselves?

The writers of the US Constitution knew that one simple sentence could not be suspended.

Again, the need for an authenticated instrument, the original, not a copy as in a copy of a ten dollar bill.

The official who is the respondent must prove his authority to do or not do something. Failing this, the court must decide for the petitioner, who may be any person, not just an interested party.


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