American Jurisprudence 2d Volume 25 §19

Strength of own title.

     "A well-established principle which has acquired the force of a maxim is to the effect that a plaintiff in ejectment can recover only on the strength of his own title, and not on the weakness of his adversary's. The defendant is not required to show title in himself, and he may lawfully say to the plaintiff, "Until you show title, you have no right to disturb me." Thus, even against one without title, plaintiff cannot recover in ejectment unless he proves title or prior possession in himself;

    The US and Alabama Constitutions confirm that government cannot impair the obligation of a contracts.

 Section 10

1: No State shall enter into…. Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts,

     “Some men say the earth is round and some men say it is flat, but if it is flat will the king's command make it round? If it is round, can an act of Parliament make it flat?”

      To say you have a driver’s license may be true but presenting the possessed driver’s license is the necessary proof of possession.

      Action taken when based on a lie, is by truth dismantled regardless of when attacked.

Alabama Property Rights and Remedies

§ 10.10(c) “there is no statutory time which an action to quiet title must be brought.”


     A Title to property can be “clouded” by a lie.


     NO PROOF of TITLE has appeared that authorized the subjective possession of 285 East Broad Street and possession of Lot 8, Lakeland Hills Subdivision Ozark, Alabama. (For more see Little Pink House)

     Those who support conclusions grounded on obviously incompetent evidence, all in defiance of truth, display their integrity and wisdom. Truth cannot be changed. The planet is still round, contrary to shameful judicial decrees. The conscience that governed man even before Moses, in some, it is not found.

     Who prefers darkness instead of the light of truth?

     There is no right way to do a wrong thing.

     For proof see Probate Records MISC Book 282 and pages 288 thru 302 filed 05/22/2017.

     Lenders for both properties were satisfied by double payment, yet both were seized under the color of law with seizure sanctioned by unlawfully seated officials who possess no official “faithful performance bond”.

     Someday, the Truth will drain the swamp, even in Alabama. “So then everyone of us shall give account of himself to God”.

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