Why does Satan Promote Same Sex non reproduction?


     God created individually the entire heavenly host. Billions. No reproduction. God alone could create.

      After one-third rebelled, God created one man that could reproduce because God took Eve from Adam and called them Adam, not Adam and Eve. Why? Adam could create only fallen ones that could go from fallen to righteous. Angel were not allowed to go back from fallen to righteous. Once fallen as angels, always fallen because there was no provision for God to accept unrighteousness.

     Now a hopeless Satan must stop the reproduction especially the provision for going from fallen to righteous. Christ’s death was to be Satan’s triumph, but was victory for God. Not only could God defeat Satan, he could raise from the dead Satan’s victims.

   Once Adam’s redeemed descendants outnumber Satan’s fallen and rebellious angels, God will then reign over all creation which will never end in increase. Satan and his followers will be the only black object in outer darkness just to show His own from where they were delivered.

     “Same-sex Marriage” is Satan’s lie to deceive the brain dead. The population reduction is temporary at best. Satan cannot turn dust into life, neither can his slaves. You have to worship Satan to adopt what God calls an abomination. Every creature has free choice. Each choice has a God imparted consequence. Only fools refuse a free gift especially eternal life as one of God’s sons.

     Pray that the fools will accept redemption and quit saying there is no God before it is too late. There is only one sin, and that is to believe not on Jesus Christ.

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