Power of Attorney: When WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE fails by not rebutting to any part of this “RESPA QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUEST, COMPLAINT, DISPUTE OF DEBT & VALIDATION OF DEBT LETTER , TILA REQUEST” WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE agrees with the granting unto ALICE FAYE MIZELL’s unlimited Power of Attorney and any and all full authorization in signing or endorsing WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE’s name upon any instruments in satisfaction of the obligation(s) of this Agreement or any agreement arising from this agreement. Pre-emption of or to any Bankruptcy proceeding shall not discharge any obligation(s) of this agreement. Consent and agreement with this Power of Attorney by WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE waives any and all claims of ALICE FAYE MIZELL, and/or defenses and remains in effect until satisfaction of all obligation(s) by WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE has been satisfied.

The US Constitution allows no state legislature or congress to pass a law that impairs the obligations of a contract.  Will Wells Fargo pay its agreed-to bill or act as a deadbeat?

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