The Perfected Fraud, A National Disgrace

Solution to a problem begins by identifying the problem.

Can and Will Trump solve the problem?

“Eating out the substance of the people” continues. (Declaration of Independence)

            A group of large Banking Corporations have acquired money indirectly from the Investors to create Mortgage Loans by using Homeowner’s identities from the Homeowner’s Promissory Notes (without consent from the Homeowners) to create (Unregistered and Unregulated) Certificates and Bonds and indirectly sold the Certificates and Bonds to unnamed Investors for the money acquired above.

            These large Banking Corporations have placed default insurance (100 cents on the dollar) on each Note and designed the loans to fail for the sole purpose to collect immediate insurance claim (payment) on the Notes. These large Banking Corporations received the insurance funds from the AIG Bailout on the Notes that defaulted and were not obligated to give those funds to the Investors, because the Investors invested in the Certificates and Bonds (not the Notes), thus the Investors are filing suit against these large Banking Corporations because the Corporations are not giving them a return. Also the Corporations did not credit the Homeowner’s accounts, with intent to acquire Homeowner’s properties to sell for an undeserved profit.

            The large Banking Corporations kept the money coming in from the Homeowners’ monthly installments and kept the money that came in from the AIG Bailout. They also kept the Money from the “Make Home Affordable Plan” because they do not hold the Notes. Make Home Affordable Plan is a refinance program, the old Notes have to be returned to the Homeowner when the new Notes pay off the old Notes. If the Corporations do not hold the old Notes, they cannot give a Home loan modification. Which begs the question; was it lawful for them to receive the funds from “Make Home Affordable Plan” in the 1st place? Which of course begs another question; what did they do with these funds?

            Will these large Banking Corporations return to the taxpayer again seeking another Insurance Company Bailout to pay the Investors on the (Unregistered and Unregulated) Certificates and Bonds? Which begs the question; will the Investors get paid this time around? However, did these Investors know about the scheme at the beginning and wish to keep anonymous? Since these Certificates and Bonds were not Registered and not Regulated, should the (unnamed) Investors be given any respect?

            Only two more Parties need to be involved to make this Ponzi Scheme complete;

1) a Court ruling in favor of the Scheme (without forcing the Corporations to prove to be the Holder In Due Course) and

2) a Sheriff’s department to enforce it. Once the property is sold and the Homeowners walk away, the fraud is covered up. OR is it?

     “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” Federic Bastiat 1850


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