An Index of Understanding for You

Insight from being Vice-Chairman of a Bank, a New Year’s Present

The mortgage note acts like money. Once you sign the mortgage note it acts like money. The bankers now trick you into thinking they loaned you legal tender, when they never loaned you any of their money.

The trick is they made you a depositor instead of a borrower. They deposited your mortgage note and issued a bank check. Neither the mortgage note nor the check is legal tender. The mortgage note and the check are now money created that never existed, prior. The bank got your mortgage note for free without loaning you money, and sold the mortgage note to make the bank check appear legal. The borrower provided the legal tender, which the bank gave back in the form of a check. If the bank loaned legal tender, as the contract says, for the bank to legally own the mortgage note, then the people would still own the homes, farms, businesses and cars, nearly debt free and pay little, if any interest. By the banks not fulfilling the contract by loaning legal tender, they make the alleged borrower, a depositor. This is a fraudulent conversion of the mortgage note. A Fraud is a felony.

The bank had no intent to loan, making it promissory fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and a list of other crimes a mile long. How can they make a felony, legal? They cannot! Fraud is fraud!

The banks deposit your mortgage note in a checking account. The deposit becomes the bank’s property. They withdraw money without your signature, and call the money, the banks money that they loaned to you. The bank forgot one thing. If the bank deposits your mortgage note, then the bank must credit your checking account claiming the bank owes you $100,000 for the $100,000 mortgage note deposited. The credit of $100,000 the bank owes you for the deposit allows you to write a check or receive cash. They did not tell you they deposited the money, and they forget to tell you that the $100,000 is money the banks owe you, not what you owe the bank. You lost $100,000 and the bank gained $100,000. For the $100,000 the bank gained, the bank received government bonds or cash of $100,000 by selling the mortgage note. For the loan, the bank received $100,000 cash, the bank did not give up $100,000.

Anytime the bank receives a deposit, the bank owes you the money. You do not owe the bank the money.

If you or I deposit anyone's negotiable instrument without a contract authorizing it, and withdraw the money claiming it is our money, we would go to jail. If it was our policy to violate a contract, we could go to jail for a very long time. You agreed to receive a loan, not to be a depositor and have the bank receive the deposit for free. What the bank got for free (lien on real property) you lost and now must pay with interest.

If the bank loaned us legal tender (other depositors’ money) to obtain the mortgage note the bank could never obtain the lien on the property for free. By not loaning their money, but instead depositing the mortgage note the bank creates inflation, which costs the consumer money. Plus the economic loss of the asset, which the bank received for free, in direct violation of any signed agreement.

We want equal protection under the law and contract, and to have the bank fulfill the contract or return the mortgage note. We want the judges, sheriffs, and lawmakers to uphold their oath of office and to honor and uphold the founding fathers U.S. Constitution. Is this too much to ask?

What is the mortgage note? The mortgage note represents your future loan payments. A promise to pay the money the bank loaned you. What is a lien? The lien is a security on the property for the money loaned.

How can the bank promise to pay money and then not pay? How can they take a promise to pay and call it money and then use it as money to purchase the future payments of money at interest. Interest is the compensation allowed by law or fixed by the parties for the use or forbearance of borrowed money. The bank never invested any money to receive your mortgage note. What is it they are charging interest on?

The bank received an asset. They never gave up an asset. Did they pay interest on the money they received as a deposit? A check issued on a deposit received from the borrower cost the bank nothing? Where did the money come from that the bank invested to charge interest on?

The bank may say we received a benefit. What benefit? Without their benefit we would receive equal protection under the law, which would mean we did not need to give up an asset or pay interest on our own money! Without their benefit we would be free and not enslaved. We would have little debt and interest instead of being enslaved in debt and interest. The banks broke the contract, which they never intended to fulfill in the first place. We got a check and a house, while they received a lien and interest for free, through a broken contract, while we got a debt and lost our assets and our country. The benefit is the banks, who have placed liens on nearly every asset in the nation, without costing the bank one cent. Inflation and working to pay the bank interest on our own money is the benefit. Some benefit!

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