It matters not what I say. Contempt for the actions of another is not my prerogative. What one reduces to writing in describing his motions is what has driven the conclusion of the difference between what is real and what is just imagined as outlined below. Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap in due time. The track record is confirmed.

The Mortgage Process We Were Taught

We are led, by all involved, to believe that we are, in fact, borrowing money from the “lender” which is then paid to the current owner of the property as compensation for them relinquishing any “claim of ownership” to the property and transferring that “claim of ownership” to us as the purchaser. 

After the “closing” everyone is all smiles and you believe you have a new home and must repay the “lender”, over a period of years, the money which you believe you have “borrowed”. 

The “borrower” is led to believe that the “Mortgage Note” that he signs is a document that binds him to make repayment of “money” that the “lender” is loaning him to purchase the property he is acquiring.

Why do we need a Deed of Trust? What exactly IS a Deed of Trust or other similar “Security Instrument”? It spells out all the details of the contract that you are signing at the “closing”, including such things as insurance requirements, preservation and maintenance and all the financial details of how, when, where and why you are going to make payments to the “lender” for years and years.

                                              The Real Mortgage Process

Unknown to almost everyone, there is something VERY different that happens with your “Mortgage Note” immediately after closing.

Your “Mortgage Note” is endorsed and deposited in the bank as a check and becomes “MONEY”.   The document that you just gave the bank with your signature on it, that you believe is a promise to pay them for money loaned to you, has just been converted to money in THEIR ACCOUNT. You just gave the “lender” the exact dollar value of what they said they just loaned you! 

You just paid for your own home with your promissory “Mortgage Note” that you gave the bank and the bank gave you what in return? NOTHING! 

For any contract to be valid there must be consideration given by both parties. But don’t they tell you that you must now pay back the “Loan” that they have made to you? 

Is there disclosure to the “borrower” to the effect that the “lender” is not really loaning any of their money to the “borrower” and therefore is taking no risk whatsoever in the transaction?

 [It is not] disclosed to the “borrower” that per FEDERAL LAW, banks are not allowed to loan credit and are also not allowed to loan their own or their depositor’s money. 

Why is it that when you tender your “Note” at the closing that they don’t tell you that your home is paid for right on the spot? 

We have already found out that the “Note” doesn’t go into the vault for safe keeping but instead is deposited into an account at the bank and becomes money. 

Your “Mortgage Note” is then used to access your Treasury Account (that you know nothing about) and get credit in the amount of your “Mortgage Note” from your “Prepaid Treasury Account”.

They then turn around and bundle the “Note” and sell it to investors on Wall Street and get paid again! 

The “Deed of Trust” or similar “Security Instrument” after you have signed it. You may be quite surprised to know that not only does it not go into “safekeeping” it is immediately SOLD as an INVESTMENT SECURITY.

What happens is the “Deed of Trust” or other similar “Security Instrument” is bundled and SOLD to a buyer and the BANK GETS PAID FOR THE VALUE OF THE MORTGAGE AGAIN!! 

[It is fraud to photocopy obligations and securities for the intent to defraud.]

[But what they are doing is selling several "originals" of your signed documents fraudulently.]

Could this be the reason that MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems) was formed in the 1990’s to supposedly “transfer ownership of a mortgage” without having to have the “original documents” that would be required to be presented to the various county recorders? Could it be they KNEW THEY WOULDN’T HAVE THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS FOR RECORDING and had to devise a system to get around that requirement? 

[Perhaps MERS was created to conceal the fraud.  This might explain the sudden loss of original signed documents]


 “Party having superior knowledge who takes advantage of another's ignorance of the law to deceive him by studied concealment or misrepresentation can be held responsible for that conduct.”  Source:  Supply, Inc. v. Abilene Nat. Bank, 726 S.W.2d 537, 1987 

It is well established law that Fraud makes void any contract that arises from it.

To foreclose they must have BOTH the “Mortgage Note” and “Deed of Trust” or other similar “Security Instrument” ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS in their possession at the time the foreclosure action is initiated. 

They have, instead, submitted a COUNTERFEIT SECURITY to the Court as their “proof of claim” to attempt to unjustly enrich themselves through a blatantly fraudulent foreclosure action. 

Could it be that this whole entire process could be “studied concealment or misrepresentation?


We don't owe the banks; the banks owe millions of dollars to each of us.

The banker's manual contains more positions than the number of the sands of the sea. 

The problem is that we are the unwitting victims.

 [Currently, 140 countries have joined together to end the central banks stranglehold on us.  We are now in an unseen global war for humanity's freedom.] Glass-Steagall was repealed in 1999 by Bill Clinton. Donald Trump promised to restore it in 2016. A start.



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