The fifty states have an empty cupboard. There is no leadership. There is none left. OH woe are we. What would leadership do if there were any? No man can lead us. Where is God?

Just thinking on His leadership brings consolation and encouragement. We need Him especially this hour and every hour, while passing through this evil world, in which the enemy has wrought such appalling mischief as beheadings.

The lust and passions of men produce such bitter fruit, and in which the path of the true disciple presents roughness which mere nature could never endure.

Faith knows, of a surety, that there is One behind the scenes whom the world sees not nor regards; and, in the consciousness of this, it can calmly say, “it is well,” and, “it shall be well.” Wise leadership receives gladly the Just One.

True, we may see many traces of the serpent; many deep and well-defined footprints of the enemy of God and man; many things which we cannot explain nor even comprehend; suffering innocence and successful wickedness may furnish an apparent basis for the infidel-reasoning of the skeptic mind; but the true believer can piously repose in the assurance that "the Judge of all the earth shall do right."

There are "wheels within wheels" in the government of God. He makes use of an endless variety of agencies, in the accomplishment of His unsearchable designs. Potiphar's wife, Pharaoh's butler, Pharaoh's dreams, Pharaoh himself, the dungeon, the throne, the fetters, the royal signet, the famine — all are at His sovereign disposal, and all be made instrumental in the development of His stupendous counsels.

The spiritual mind delights to dwell upon this. It delights to range through the wide domain of creation and providence, and to recognize, in all, the machinery which an All-wise and an Almighty God is using for the purpose of unfolding His counsels of redeeming love. He knows right well that the believer will enjoy His redeeming love and safe leadership even in light of Obama or his Father, the author of all liars.


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